“Baby’s Nest”


– Box made of strong five-layer cardboard.
– Meets all safety and health requirements,  and conforms to EN71-2:2011+A1:2014 and REACH standards.
– Box / crib dimensions: 74 x 45 x 27 cm.
– The box can be used as a newborn crib for up to 6 months, depending on how fast the baby grows.
– An irreplaceable solution when traveling, as you can put all the things you need for your baby in the box / crib and use it as a temporary crib during sleep.
– Place the mattress in the lid and it can be used as a changing mat.
– The box has strong rockers, which are fixed to the bottom of the box – performs the function of a rocking cradle.
– The baby box is perfect for fitting toys or as a box of memories in which you will keep your child’s most precious memories.
– The opportunity to choose the box design that we created together with the artists.
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Sleep products



RBDT Baby's Nest mattress


meets all requirements of the safety and health environment, has been awarded the Oeko Tex Standart 100 certificate.


– two-sided, made of polyurethane foam;
– has a cover that can be easily removed / placed with the help of a zipper;
– a cover of pastel colors, knitted: linen, cotton, and synthetics so it is washed at 40 degrees Celsius;
– the mattress is adapted to the box / bed, but can also be used a changing mat;
– Dimensions : 68x41x4 cm.

RBDT waterproof sheet

Waterproof Mattress protector

– Composition: Top 100% cotton, bottom – polyurethane;
– Absolutely absorbs liquid on the surface of the fabric, permeable to air, with elastic edges for perfect fit to the mattress;
– Dimensions : 41×68 cm.

RBDT Fitted sheet

Fitted sheet

– Made of soft 100% cotton, with elastic edges for perfect fit to the mattress;
– Dimensions : 41×68 cm.

Hygiene products



Magics Newborn nappies

Diapers 2-5 kg., 36 pcs

Magics Premium, Diaper, Drylock Technologies NV , Belgium, Manufacturer Factory – Czech Republic.


– hypoallergenic (certified);
– thin – only 3 mm. thickness suitable for day and night for boys and girls;
– soft, comfortable, perfectly absorbing moisture;
– Does not contain cellulose, chlorine, glue and chemicals;
– a protective layer of natural fibers;
– made of natural and biodegradable materials;

Magics change mats

Disposable change mats

Magics Premium, Drylock Technologies NV , Belgium, Manufacturer Factory – Czech Republic.


– hypoallergenic (certified);
– organic (certified – marked with an eco-label);
– soft, perfectly absorbing moisture .

Magics Wet-wipes

Wet wipes

Magics Premium, Drylock Technologies NV , Belgium, Manufacturer Factory – Czech Republic.


– without alcohol, dermatologically tested, strong, unburied;
– soft, thin, moist which perfectly cleans your babies skin;
– the package has an open and close lid to prevent drying ;
– 72 pcs in the package.

City Fairytale

City Fairytale

City Fairytale

A legendary city with castles, church towers and an angel guarding its peace. A river flowing like a strip. It’s a hot air balloon ride with fairy tale heroes or not, it’s a fairy tale that weaves the whole box from start to finish – no matter which side you look at.

So playfully my thoughts were transferred to the “Baby’s Nest” box – “City Fairytale” by a children’s illustrator. Accomodate your little one in the cutest tale.



Baby's Nest - Clouds design

My vision of the new box has come true, translated by an artist from the seaside. Thick soft clouds, on which from the first month of life you can print your baby’s hand and footprints. I believe that the box will remain a valuable memory not only for oneself, but also will show future generations how small their mums and dads have once been. 12 months – 12 clouds with different prints of hands and feet – what a heartwarming memory!



Bear Box design

For a long time I wrote to the artist how I imagined “the Baby’s Nest” box and the artist hand-painted and decorated the box with the most lovely teddy bear lying on the moon with soft clouds. I do not hesitate to say that the bear is a symbol of our childhood: after all, we grow up with plush teddy bears!

Maternity Faces and Colours

Maternity Faces and Colours

Baby's Nest - Art Box

Together with the artist Vytautas Tomaševičius, we have groomed the box of the special design “Maternity Faces and Colors“.