Terms and Conditions

General provisions


1. The sale of goods online store thebestbabybox.com (hereinafter – “Store”) Rules (hereinafter – “Rules”) determine the Buyer (hereinafter –“ the Buyer”) and web stores thebestbabybox.com (hereinafter –“ the Seller”) mutual rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Buyer purchasing goods (hereinafter –“ goods”) children’s store.


2. Buyer who has the legal and physical rights in accordance with applicable legislation of the Republic of Lithuania may enter into sale and purchase transactions.


Purchase and sale agreement was concluded


1. Purchase and sales agreement between the Buyer and the Seller is considered to be concluded from the moment the Buyer chooses an item and adds it to the shopping cart, stated delivery method and gives the delivery address, and other data, as well as the chosen method of payment and familiar with these rules (that is familiar with the rules and has selected the box next to the statement “with the sale of goods online store thebestbabybox.com rules “read and agree “), click on the button” confirm order “and the receipt of the notice of confirmation of the order.


2. Any contract entered into between the Buyer and the Seller is stored in the database.


Buyer Rights


1. The buyer has the right to buy goods in the shop, in accordance with these Rules and the Lithuanian Republic legislation.


2. The buyer can buy goods in the shop at any time of the day.


Buyer’s obligation


1. The Buyer undertakes to complete the registration form and, if necessary, enters shipping address and other data to provide correct personal data and in the event of changes, to update them.


2. The Buyer is committed to protecting their stored data and not to disclose them to third parties.


3. The Buyer must pay for the goods and their delivery, accept or withdraw the goods ordered, according to these Rules.


4. The Buyer must comply with the other rules of the Republic of Lithuania and legal requirements.


Seller’s rights


1. The Seller shall be entitled to the Buyers identifiable information, the registration of the Buyer and delivery address forms. In this case, the Buyer’s personal data and other data relating to the Buyer can only be used for this contract and for enforcement purposes.


2. The Seller shall be entitled, without notice, to limit or suspend the Buyers access to the shop or revoke the registration of the Buyer if Buyer damages or attempts to damage the operation of the store or the stable operation and is in breach of its obligations.


3. If the Buyer chooses the pre-pay by bank transfer, then, does not pay for the goods within 3 working days, the Seller has the right to cancel the order, failing to inform the Buyer.


4. If the Buyer chooses the cash payment, the Buyer shall contact the Seller by phone. If the Buyer fails to contact the Seller by phone within 3 working days, he has the right to cancel the order, failing to inform the Buyer.


5. The Seller has the right to unilaterally, without notice to change the prices of goods, delivery of goods to change prices, modify the list of items, call or stop selling items. All such changes are valid from the moment of their execution, but can not be applied to already concluded sales contracts.


6. The Seller reserves the right at any time to edit, modify or supplement the rules in the light of the Republic of Lithuania statutory requirements.

7. The Seller adheres to the rules and laws of the Republic of Lithuania.


Seller’s obligation


1. Seller agrees to the Buyer to properly use the shop services rules specified conditions.


2. At the Buyer’s request to deliver the goods, the Seller must deliver the goods ordered by the Buyer to the address indicated.


3. The Seller under relevant circumstances being unable to provide the Buyer or deliver the ordered goods to the Buyer undertakes to offer a similar product or product with similar features and if the Buyer refuses to accept the goods or similar product, the Buyer shall return the money paid within 7 working days.


4. The Seller must comply with other rules of the Republic of Lithuania, or legal requirements.