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We planned this idea in Lithuania a few years ago. We, while still living abroad, turned our heads to what to give to the soon-to-be-born first grandson. We were looking for unusual but useful gifts that would ease the parents’ lives, reduce their tension and provide more security.

It was not a simple task. However, my husband remembered that in Finland a Baby Box was given to each family.

This tradition started in the 1930’s. At the time, Finland was a poor country with a high infant mortality rate (deaths of babies from unknown causes, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS). In Finland, in 1938, this was reported as 65 babies per 1000 live births, died from SIDS. The Baby Box is credited with helping to reduce the Finnish Infant Mortality Rate (SIDS) significantly over the years to one of the lowest rates in the world.

This is a crib-shaped box that holds the necessary items for the newborn. It was a novelty for me and a fantastic gift for our children!

The joy and relief shown by our son and his wife prompted me to a new idea – to create such Baby Boxes so that everyone could obtain. We wanted to see more shining young eyes and smiles, and most importantly, less concerned parents who feel it so important to prepare for the arrival of a newborn.

Why the “Baby’s Nest”, read a mother’s story below:

“I remember how I felt waiting for our little one, much anxiety and absolute confusion. I did not know what to buy; I knew that the long-awaited baby should lack nothing. Frightened by the thought of missing something, I wrote many lists of what I thought I needed for the first few hours and days after the birth. And with a sad heart – I thought “How will I buy all these things”. I went several times to the children’s goods stores. But there was a multitude of clothing and items. Their high prices completely stunned me. I estimated the price, I burst into tears, I went out, I called my mother…

As often happens in my second pregnancy it was more practical. My friend showed me the “Baby’s Nest”. Originally it raised a smile, the idea of some sort of box. Later, I saw the elegant design of box. It is safe and clean. My friend used it as a crib as well; her baby looked so comfortable and slept like a kitten!

The contents of the box really surprised me- I found inside everything I might need for new baby and mother – really everything – from diapers to clothes, a mattress and covers,  and hygiene products for Mum. The most important thing is not just the purchase of one box containing everything, but I forgot what it means clawing through stores (some swelling of the legs, having to go to the toilet every 30 minutes, the  stress and tiredness.” – Milda (29 yr).


Our team of experienced professionals, who want to help reduce infant mortality, to create for Mum and new-born baby complete comfort and security, so they may enjoy their new lives together without the worry of what will be needed when they return home after the birth, are now producing this gift is available to buy the world over.